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With more than 50% of websites being accessed on mobile devices, it is imperative that websites today are not only functional on desktops and laptops but that they also provide an exceptional user experience on mobile devices such as smartphones, IPads and tablets. Responsive design addresses these challenges through a single website by resizing your website content automatically to fit the device it is being viewed on for an optimal viewing experience. This saves you time and money rather than having to endure costly fees to develop a website app. Responsive Design makes it easier for users to navigate your website as well as consume your information in more accessible way. Responsive Design is a smart investment. With technology moving in the direction of wearable devices, getting a responsive design now positions your website to be viewed on wearable devices such as Google Glass.

Affordable Web In comparison to a mobile website, which may be better suited in some instances, a responsive device allows your website to be seen with the same user experience, across other devices such as GPS. Keep your business on the cutting edge of technology with a responsive design. OPTIMAL USER EXPERIENCE - Users access one website that looks and works great, whether they are browsing your site on a 4-inch iPhone, an 8-inch tablet, a 15-inch laptop or a 27-inch desktop. EASY TO MANAGE - With a responsive website you don’t need to worry about updating several websites and apps because you have one website working for you seamlessly across all platforms. SAVE MONEY - Instead of getting a site and app for different devices and platforms, a responsive design allows you to use one website to market your business across all devices and platforms.

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